American Driver Training Academy — In the News

a woman behind the wheel of a big rig truck

Recently, American Driver Training Academy (ADTA) has been making waves in and around the Delaware area as a reputable truck driving training program. In business for over 20 years and proudly woman-owned, our company allows you to attend a truck driving training school with no driving experience and offers in-house employment opportunities.

In the News

In a segment on Philadelphia’s PHL17, ADTA joined reporter Khiree Stewart to show how to do a pre-trip inspection, work the clutch, and take a semi-tractor out for a short ride. The instructor guided Stewart through each step, showing how easy it can be for anyone to learn without prior experience. ADTA leader Jaden McKinley was also featured on CBS Philly, where she explained the growing interest among women to work among the nation’s leading trucking companies. 

As discussed by McKinley in her featured episode of The Delaware Workforce Development Board (DWDB) podcast, if you’re looking to earn your Class A CDL license and get on the road right away, ADTA can help you become a professional truck driver. The program trains students to achieve a commercial driver’s license while operating tractor-trailers using manual and automatic transmissions.

Students don’t just receive Class A CDL training with ADTA. The CDL training program prepares them for work in the real world and helps them begin their careers with job offers made available upon successful completion of the program. While some training schools offer the tools and experience needed for obtaining a CDL, ADTA cares more about helping you launch your truck driving career.

Delaware Workforce Development Board

ADTA is featured on the DEWORKFORCE blog and has been gaining popularity. Truck driver training is one of Delaware’s most prominent emerging programs because there’s a growing need for truck drivers in the economy. Of the job training programs funded by the Delaware Workforce Development Board, truck driver training is currently the most popular.

Students looking to enroll in training schools across the tri-state area are most concerned about how quickly they can begin to earn money in this field. Truck driving can be quite lucrative; drivers have the potential to earn up to $130,000 per year. This is driven by growing demand, as many drivers already on the road are beginning to retire.

Education and Work Opportunities

The ADTA CDL school offers programs that last four weeks. By the end of the fourth week, you’re prepared to take the test for your Class A driver’s license and receive job placement almost immediately. What makes this possible is the relationships that ADTA has built with large trucking companies throughout its history. ADTA produces quality drivers, and in turn, companies come to us to fill their vacancies.

It’s possible to receive tuition reimbursement and financial aid to assist you in affording your training. This helps many of our students clear the hurdles that would otherwise prevent them from pursuing a career in truck driving.

If you’re interested in enrolling in a truck driver training program in the state of Delaware, we can help. Whether you have experience with manual transmissions or not, ADTA’s truck driver training program will teach you how to safely operate a semi-tractor trailer so that you can get on the road quickly. For more information, reach out to us today.