Our Reviews

Thank you to all the instructors and staff at the academy! I received my cdl today and have had the proper training and support to do so from A.D.T.A.! ~
Tom B.
I graduated and now I'm making more than I ever did. American Driver Training Academy great school and great people.
Rashard D.
Great instructors that want to see you succeed they are willing to help you out.
John H.
I just wanted to thank the team at American Driver Training Academy!!! I graduated a little over a 2 1/2 months ago, since then I have started working for an industry leader(which they found for me) and have been earning great money since day 1!!! I highly recommend ADTA, their team of trainers (best in the business) had me ready to enter the trucking industry after 3 wks of school and I could barely start a truck when I started! Again, thanks for everything, I contribute the success I am having to the skills and knowledge I learned at American Driver Training Academy!
Phil C.
The driver training and experience that I received at American Driver Training Academy second to none. Because I graduated from AMERICAN  I had many offers from the big companies but was more interested in driving for a company more local. Due to the economy I was released from a well paying job after 27 yrs of service. What was i going to do?Because of the skillfull training from the instructors at AMERICAN I was able to land a position at a transportation company 8 miles from home. A well paying driving position! Thanks Mike, Jaden and the rest of the folks that are responsible for finding new careers for the people that are interested in the hitting the road to make a living.
Terry S.
Hello, I'm over here doing the pre-trip inspection followed by the road test. Mid inspection the trainer stopped me to say something.... Thinking he would tell me I've done something wrong or differently, I took a nervous pause. Instead, he told me I did a great job and wouldn't need to complete the entire inspection based off of the outstanding performance of the first half. He asked me to relay the message that you guys have done a great job! Thanks,
John Doe
Hey, I just wanted to stop by and thank y'all again for everything. I can not believe the progress I made in 3 weeks! You have a great group of trainers! I start orientation with Werner Enterprises Monday! Couldn't have done it with out y'all. Thanks again!
Michael D.
Still with the company I went to when I graduated 6 months ago. I have received 2 pay increases so far and got my own truck assigned to me. Bringing home after taxes and insurance 1000.00 a week doing real well thanks again for your guidance and help!
Luis L.
I am a satisfied recent grad! Instructors were good men that know their business! Once you have some OTR exp you are more valuable to any company in US! Also its an adventure to see all of the great sights in the US! Thanks to the entire crew!
Karlton M.
I was surprise to see this email in my inbox and more than happy to hear that you and Mike are concerned about my employment status. Thank you for asking. I just so happen to land a job with Western Express. I start on Monday whereas they will be putting me on a greyhound bus to Nashville, TN. I will spend 3 days in orientation followed by a week or two out on the road with a trainer doing actual runs. I will be in the flatbed division and traveling along the Northeastern corridor, plus entering some ports. They say I should be making around 1200 dollars a week. The first chance I get I want to come back to the school with my truck and talk to the students. I would like to thank you, Mike, Tim, and Duke for everything and I wish yall continued success. I will never forget yall and I am always telling people that if you need a good career to go to American Driver Training Academy.
Tony C.
Hello Mike and Jaden, I couldn't find anything online to write this to the school so everyone can see this… but I want to give a great thanks to you and the instructors at the school! They got me my CDL and trained me the correct and right way… Jason,Tim,Jeff, and Budd were awesome and the best at what they do!!!! Still can't get Jeff's sayings outta my head "run it up shift shift" lol. Then Jason's mentality and abilities to make sure I got the points down so I wouldn't have any issues at the test site. Also, Mr. Tim’s Pre-Trip Video that made me walk through the DMV Airbrake In-Cab inspection and making sure I didn't slip at anything while I was at DMV on test day and making sure I said what they wanted to hear. Then Budd fine tuned me on the road and made sure I could drive the new rigs for test day and showing me the right and wrong. You guys have got the best people working there and the Instructors are the best I've seen! You guys rock! I’ve got no issue sending ANYONE to your school!! Once again thank you guys a lot. Take care,
Scott W
I graduated adta two years ago and went with tmc. I've been with them ever since and visit adta periodically for truck school visits. I'm also a trainer for the last year and a half and just got to train an adta graduate. Many thanks to Mike, Jaden and Tim for the quality school they run and getting me a great career earning great money. ~
Eric P.