Love to Drive? Here Are the Biggest Benefits of Being a Long-Haul Trucker

A truck driving on a road surrounded by trees.

Long, open roads are the first thing you think of when it comes to long-haul trucking, and that’s for a good reason. The average long-haul truck driver spends many hours and miles traversing some of the country’s longest roads, quietest back roads, and largest cities. But rest assured, if you’re thinking about driving big trucks, a long-haul trucking career comes with plenty of practical benefits that make each trip worthwhile. So let’s flip around some of those misconceptions and explore some of the biggest advantages of long-haul trucking.

Long Haul vs. Short Haul Trucking

One of the most crucial things you’ll have to consider when determining your trucking career path is whether you prefer short or long-haul trucking. As an American Driver Training Academy graduate, you will have the choice to choose either of these paths immediately upon graduation. As the name suggests, short-haul trucking implies shorter trips, usually within a 150-mile radius. Long-haul truckers operate larger vehicles on much more open roads, with plenty of room to stretch out but plenty of cargo to take on. Even if they come with additional responsibilities, long-haul trucking is a great way to advance your career in ways other businesses can’t. 

Long Haul Trucking = Job Security

Finding a secure job is always a necessity no matter what industry you work in, and long-haul truckers enjoy some of the best job security out there. Long-haul truck drivers are an integral part of society, transporting essential goods and services to places not everyone wants to go. While many companies downsize, trucking is still the most efficient way to transport goods from A-B, making long-haul drivers one of the most important jobs you can have.

Income Stability and Employee Benefits

With that job security comes income security and tons of employee benefits. Of course, money isn’t everything, but job benefits sure are, especially when they can extend to support your family or any major emergencies. Trucking pays one of the highest salaries in the country, and you can enjoy full dental, health, vision, and life insurance as well. In addition, many truckers get short-term disability insurance and can build up a substantial 401K for their future endeavors.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible scheduling might not be the first thing you think of with a trucking job, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Long-haul truckers work extensive hours; however, their schedule is quite flexible. They can control when they travel and when they’re home. This strays from the typical 9-5 lifestyle and work-life balance most people are accustomed to. So while others are busy at work, you can plan trips that help you attend family events and other essential life activities with the ones you love most.

Jump Right into a Lucrative Career

You can jump right into a career as a long-haul trucker. Simply pass your driving school and take a medical evaluation, and you’ll be on the way! Unfortunately, many entry-level jobs require a ton of experience or require you to spend years in school or focused on cultivating certain crafts. But with long-haul trucking, an 4-week course is all you need to enjoy the sights and sounds of the road ahead. 

Spend Your Extra Time Enjoying What Life Has to Offer

Most of your hours will be on the road, but long-haul trucking doesn’t have to be boring. Each trucking job can be filled with new experiences in different cities and towns. You can explore new podcasts on the road or even learn a new language while you traverse a new city. Some truckers practice new hobbies at rest stops or find trucking acquaintances that last a lifetime. Some trucking companies even let you bring a pet or friend along for the ride to make things a bit more enjoyable and spice up your trips. 

Is it Time for You to Become a Truck Driver? American Driver Training Academy Has What You Need

There isn’t anything out there that compares to long-haul trucking. It’s a unique and specialized career, but if it fits you, you will surely be rewarded monetarily and in plenty of other ways. But as much as you might want it to be true, you can’t just hop into a truck and cross the country. Trucking takes practice, effort, and knowledge, and you can combine these factors with a top-tier training academy that sets you up for long-haul success.

At American Driver Training Academy, we help you make big bucks driving trucks anywhere you want. Begin your long-haul journey by securing your CDL-A from our facility. Our training quality is top-notch, and we make sure to outfit you with the skills and attributes necessary to enjoy a lifetime of long hauls.