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Frequently Asked Questions

Will American Driver Training Academy assist me with job placement?
Absolutely! We have a dedicated staff whose sole purpose is to find employment for each and every one of our graduates. At ADTA finding you a job is our passion! We have over 85 dedicated recruiters from national transportation companies who work directly with our team to provide job offers to our graduates. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of the recruiters right here on property during our scheduled Recruitment Events. Make sure you do your research when choosing a school to attend….many schools make promises of job placement, then hand you a list of 100 companies and tell you to ‘call these’. Talk to any of our graduates, or visit our FaceBook page, and you will immediately know that that is not the case at ADTA. We go that extra mile to make sure that every student that wants a job will have a job. We are so confident in our ability to find our graduates trucking jobs, that we have recently implemented a Lifetime Job Placement Guarantee. At any time in your career, if you find yourself unemployed, we will assist you in finding a new driving position! Included free of charge.
Will I be required to sign an employment contract?
No, absolutely not. When you obtain your Certificate of Completion from American Driver Training Academy you are able to work for any company that you choose. We refuse to deal with companies that force employment contracts.
Will I be required to be away from home for long periods of time?
No. You may choose the company and schedule that works best for you and your family. While it is true that there are many Over the Road positions available to new graduates, there are an equal number of Regional positions available. Regional routes will get you home on a weekly basis. Local positions are available with minimal experience. We provide all of our students with an interview comparison chart to help them ask the right questions when speaking to Recruiters. Students should determine which employer they want to work for by comparing salary, scheduled time home, benefits, perks, etc.
How do I get started?
If you have a valid drivers’ license, and you are over the age of 18, you may complete a Student Application either online or in the office at 618 Lambson Lane, New Castle, DE 19720. There is no cost or obligation to complete an application and meet with a Recruiter.
Is financial aid available?
You may qualify for grants that can cover your entire tuition. We do offer financing for students who are not eligible for the industry grants. All students are guaranteed to receive a loan offer for CDL training at ADTA. The amount of the loan offered to you is based on credit. Students with poor credit are still guaranteed a loan offer. In order to increase the amount of the loan offer, students with weak credit may choose to get a co-signer or offer a car title for collateral if they choose.
Will you accept my Veteran benefits?
ADTA is a recognized training provider by Veterans Administration. Veterans eligible for educational assistance under the Post-9/11 GI Bill (Chapter 33), Montgomery GI Bill (Chapter 30) or Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve (Chapter 33) may receive benefits to cover the full cost of tuition. If eligible, Veterans may qualify for paid living expenses during training as well.
Do you train for Class A and Class B?
With a Class A license you qualify to drive any vehicle in the Class A category and any vehicle in the Class B category. This includes tractor trailers, flat beds, dump trucks, box trucks, moving vans, commercial buses and school buses. At American Driver Training Academy we believe in training all students for the Class A license to increase their marketability in the workforce.
Will I need the Class A permit to begin training?

While you do not need the Class A permit to begin your training, we do suggest that you attempt taking this computerized test at Motor Vehicle if you have the opportunity. During your initial visit at American Driver Training Academy, your Recruiter will provide you with a complimentary permit study guide. DMV does not charge a fee to take the test. You may take it as many times as necessary, and the only cost to you is for the actual paper permit once you pass. In Delaware this fee is $5.00. Some schools spend up to 25% of their curriculum preparing you to pass this common sense computerized test. We don’t use this cost-cutting tactic. At ADTA we spend 100% of your time in the truck so you may become a confident, talented CDL driver. Any student who requires assistance passing the permit test, will be provided a personal tutor at no extra cost.

What is the difference between American Driver Training Academy and other schools in the area?

American Driver Training Academy never exceeds a 5:1 training ratio so you receive much more Behind the Wheel training than other school in the area. This 5:1 ratio is maintained during your entire training program, unlike other schools that enroll 30 students and place them in a yard with one Instructor. Many schools focus on classroom time because it is much more cost effective to pay an Instructor to stand in front of a classroom filled with students reading out of a book. At ADTA our Instructors maintain small groups of students (5 or less) and their team works with their own assigned truck each and every day. You will never have to “fight” for time in the truck, which is a common occurrence at other schools. Our commitment to excellence also shows in our job placement rates. From day one, our Administration staff begins preparing you for job placement. We don’t hand you a list of employers and tell you to start making contacts, which is what some schools call “job placement”. We prepare you for the background search that your prospective employers will be performing. We not only provide you with a free copy of your complete investigation and a free motor vehicle record, but we spend time reviewing the information with you to determine which employers will be best suited to your particular needs. We meet with you to discuss what benefits and/or factors are most important to you so we assist you in finding an employer that matches your specific desires. American Driver Training Academy also has a Career Placement Center onsite which is your full-service resource center. Our Career Placement Center is comprised of individual workstations which include computers, internet service, printers, fax machines, office supplies, job applications and more. ADTA also provides free WiFi service on campus.

What is the cost of tuition?

There are many ways for a student to enroll in American Driver Training Academy’s program. We have a No Cost/No Obligation student application. Once completed, a Student Recruiter will meet with you to determine the avenues available to you based upon your specific circumstances. A vast majority of enrolled students receive funding from agencies that do not require repayment whatsoever. Call today for your No Cost/No Obligation tuition assessment.

If I have criminal charges in my past, will I be able to get my CDL license?

At American Driver Training Academy our #1 priority is to gain employment for each and every graduate. With a prior criminal history, you are able to get a CDL Class A license, but you may find yourself in a predicament obtaining employment under some circumstances. Our staff is committed to giving you 100% honest answers regarding marketability even if it means losing your business for the time being. The way we look at it, if we are honest and tell you that you won’t find a job for 12 more months, at least you will come back to see us in 12 months because you know that we are forthright. Other schools will tell you what you want to hear. After you spend your hard earned money, they blame your criminal history for your inability to find employment. This is never the case at ADTA. If you are concerned about a prior criminal record, the best thing you can do is fill out a Student Application and be 100% truthful. An ADTA Recruiter will meet with you and give you honest feedback on your employment options. Your marketability assessment comes at No Cost and No Obligation to you. If you still have any doubts after meeting with a Recruiter, our Administration staff will be happy to obtain a pre-hire letter for you to confirm your marketability.

How long is the course?

We have a full time course that takes 4 weeks to complete. Our full time schedule is Monday thru Friday, 7am – 3pm. We also offer part time options for students who are unable to attend during the day. Our part time options are Weekends from 7am – 3pm, and Night Time from 5pm – 9pm. The night time schedule only operates Monday through Thursday. Either part time option will take 8 weeks to complete.

Do I have to quit my current job to begin training?

Absolutely Not! In fact, we strongly advise against it. We will schedule your training around your work schedule. Once you have new hire orientation scheduled for your new job driving CDL, then you can provide a two week notice to your current employer. We don’t want you to burn any bridges. Your current employer could potentially harm your new employment opportunity if you don’t terminate the relationship amicably.

Do you offer refresher courses?

Yes we do. Please contact the Administration office to determine the length of refresher you would require given your specific circumstances.

As a CDL-A driver, will I be required to load and unload trailers?

98% of the trucking industry is considered “no-touch”. We will find you a driving position that meets your specific desires. Some graduates may choose a driving position that is specifically drop and hook which ensures they won’t be required to do any heavy lifting. This is a great choice for students that may have sustained injuries in their old line or work and are now considering a new career path. We work with many Workers Compensation agents specifically for this type of request. On the opposite hand, there are some graduates that would prefer to load and unload their trailers. Not only do they receive the benefit of a good workout, but transportation companies typically pay additional wages to their drivers for loading and unloading their own trailer.

What can I expect from a career in trucking?

CDL-A drivers are in high demand. Transportation companies are competing to acquire quality drivers since they are the backbone of their operations. Companies find that is easier to hire CDL-A graduates and groom them to match their companies mission rather than hiring experienced drivers that are set in their ways. Anybody considering a career in CDL Class A driving will discover their value when being presented with job offers. Employment offers for new graduates include medical, dental and vision insurance, 401K, company paid life insurance, vacation and holiday pay and tuition reimbursement. Some companies run special promotions offering sign-on bonuses anywhere from $1,000-$7,500. Being a CDL-A driver is not just a job, it is a career!

Is it possible for me to bring my pet with me?

Yes! Many companies understand the value of your four legged friend and will make accommodations for your pet to travel with you. If this is a perk that you are interested in, please make our staff aware of this and we will only guide you towards companies that allow you to bring Fluffy with you..

Can my spouse or child ride along with me?

Yes! Many companies provide rider policies so that you may bring a spouse or child along for the ride. Again, if this is a perk that you are interested in, please make our staff aware of this and we will make sure that you apply for jobs that provide rider policies. If your significant other is really interested in riding along with you, perhaps the two of you might consider driving Teams? Companies give great priority to Team drivers because you can keep your truck moving twice as long! Our Recruiters would be happy to provide you with details regarding Team driving, and the immense opportunities that await you.