CDL Training in Delaware

Looking for CDL training in Delaware? Then your search can come to an end! At the American Driver Training Academy, we help anyone wanting to be a trucker obtain their CDL licenses so that they can kick-start their trucking careers.

Additionally, we understand that hiring skilled drivers is a challenge for the transportation industry. To that end, we ensure that every student who graduates from our truck driving school is equipped with the experience and training they need to stay safe while out on the road. Call us today to learn more and to submit a student application!

Why Consider a CDL Career?

Your Skills Will Always Be Needed

Embarking on a career as a commercial driver opens a gateway to a thriving job market with a frequent demand for skilled truckers. As the backbone of the American economy, the trucking industry regularly seeks individuals holding a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to transport goods across the nation.

Many businesses need professional drivers who know how to navigate the vast road networks — combined with the rigorous skills test ensuring readiness for pre and post trip inspections — making a CDL career a smart choice. This demand translates into steady employment opportunities, making it a viable option for those seeking a new career path.

Competitive Pay and Bonuses

The allure of a CDL career extends beyond job stability. With competitive pay scales, bonuses, and benefits available in many companies, pursuing a career in trucking becomes not just a job but a financially rewarding profession.

Truck driving school graduates who have mastered the skills needed to pass the CDL class and skills test — including the safe handling of hazardous materials and adherence to ELDT requirements — find themselves in a favorable position to negotiate terms that reflect their value to the industry. Given how important trained commercial drivers are to the economy, it’s only natural they’d be able to receive competitive pay.

Travel Opportunities

Opting for a CDL career gives you the opportunity to explore the country through a unique lens. Armed with a license to drive a truck, drivers enjoy the freedom to travel across states that allow them to experience the diverse landscapes and cultures that define the United States.

This aspect of trucking goes beyond mere employment — it’s a journey of discovery facilitated by a comprehensive training program that equips drivers with the necessary skills. From mastering the rigors of the CDL skills test to navigating the complexities of truck schedules and routes, the education and knowledge acquired during the course lay the foundation for fulfilling journeys across the country.

Countless Companies Hire Directly From Us

With our focus on preparing students for the CDL class and test, the school’s comprehensive training program, we cover everything from pre-trip inspection to the finer points of truck operation. However, the American Driver Training Academy is not just a source for education — we offer graduates a pathway to employment.

Numerous companies have partnered with us over the years to ensure they can recruit as many drivers as possible for their operations. In fact, hundreds of partner companies around the United States use our job placement program to hire new drivers. Graduates from our academy leave not only with a CDL license but also with connections and knowledge that streamline the job search process. Most companies will hire students straight out of school.

Additionally, our partner companies send recruiters to hire students upon completion of their training. When you get your CDL license with American Driver Training Academy, countless companies will be interested in hiring you and you’ll have the choice of working for whatever company offers the best compensation.

If You Live in Any of the Delaware Locations, We’ll Be Happy to Have You!

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Delaware residents from Hockessin to Delmar and everywhere in between can find the CDL training they need to further their careers with the help of the American Driver Training Academy. If you have any questions, reach out today to learn more about our courses and career opportunities.

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